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Emergency Maintenance Available 24/7 (Including Holidays)


At De Long Property Management, we take great pride in our role as a dedicated property management company in St. Louis, MO. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of real estate property management, asset management services, and professional property maintenance encompassing residential and commercial properties, ranging from apartment complexes and condominiums to single-family homes. Our comprehensive offerings include vital tasks like rent collection, leasing, and maintenance, among other essential services. In addition to our core property management company functions, our skilled team is well-prepared to assist with various day-to-day real estate activities, including effective vacancy advertising and more. As a veteran-owned business, we stand ready to provide a host of valuable services, such as make-ready repairs, specialized foreclosed property management, and expert guidance in calculating costs for your property. Leveraging our deep knowledge of the local area and its economic landscape, we are committed to fostering stability and growth for your property-based business while optimizing your asset portfolio.

Our Services

24-Hour Emergency On-Call Maintenance Services

Emergency issues will be ordered immediately to prevent further disruption, and you will be notified as soon as possible on the status.

Property Maintenance Management

With advance Landlord approval, we will work with a group of reputable contractors that will provide assistance with reasonable response time and quality work.
Compliance with all Tenant-Landlord and Fair Housing Guidelines.

Rent Collection

We work with a local attorney to help provide representation at a reasonable fee to handle tenant-landlord issues and disputes.

Accounting Services

Through your online personalized account, you can view an itemized report detailing all of the activity on your account. Year-end income and expense information is provided for complete tax records regarding your rental property or investment.

Property Marketing

Local, online, signage and home resumes were created for all properties.

Applicant Processing

Our thorough procedure enables you as the Landlord to make an informed decision.

Lease Preparation

Our attorney-drafted lease agreement and addendums are designed to protect the Landlord and can be altered for the specific needs and situation of each individual property.

Property Inspections

Facilitation of any necessary rental certifications and routine inspections are performed to identify preventative maintenance needs for the property.

Commercial Management

Services include property management, consultation, financial analysis, in-depth reporting, comparable lease and sale transactions, creative negotiation strategies, and the advanced skills necessary to customize each client's real estate solution.

Capital Improvement Planning

We will inspect your property to confirm what capital improvements may be needed and collect estimates to provide you with the information to make informed decisions.

Project Management and Development

We will work with your preferred contractor to facilitate repairs and/or development to your property and ensure an approved scope of work is completed.

Vacant Property Management

We will watch your home weekly while you are away and be in constant communication of any issue or reportable circumstance.

Multi-Family Management

We will manage your multi-family investment to provide cohesive policy and consistent communication and maintenance management services for your community to protect your liability and maximize your investment.

New Construction

We will oversee the construction process of any new home, HOA, or multi-family project and work with various vendors to coordinate smooth progress. We will also market the property while under construction, as well as set policies and procedures in place as needed. We will be the eyes and ears of the project and be available to address any questions during and after construction. No project is too small or too large for us to manage!

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About Our Owner

As a 10-year United States Army veteran serving in both South Korea and Iraq, a St. Louis native—Michael W. De Long executes every project he undertakes with military precision. From providing timely repairs to carefully tracking the local communities and economy, our owner has built up over 30 years of extensive property maintenance experience that he is fully prepared to put to work for you. Contact us now to learn more about our work.


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Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM - 12 PM
Emergency Maintenance Available 24/7 (Including Holidays)

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